Mobile Mini Oxygen Bar Rental

Available in Las Vegas, Napa & San Francisco

What is a mini oxygen bar and how can it be used?

The Mobile Mini oxygen bar is a scaled down version of its big brother. With the mini version, you get all the benefits of full oxygen bars in a compact and portable unit – 95% pure oxygen with aromatherapy infusions. A handy handle makes this lightweight oxygen bar on wheels flexible for a multitude of applications.

Las Vegas Visitors rent mini-oxygen bars for hotel rooms to rejuvenate on a break from the strip


Trade Show Exhibitors host oxygen bars to attract people to their booth so they stay longer

Resorts offer them as a premium upgrade service on pool cabana menus

Nightclubs provide them as an elevated experience for VIPs and as a revenue opportunity on the non-drinking consumers

Event Planners use mini oxygen bars to encourage people to interact

Las Vegas Casinos use oxygen bars to give guests a way to reboot and get a second wind


Rent one or more mini oxygen bars. They each serve two people at the same time. Each unit has a timer, which are handy for using the mini oxygen bar while you sleep.

Rental Includes:

  • Concentrated Oxygen Delivery Unit for two
  • Medical Grade concentrator delivers oxygen at 5 LPMs
  • Oxygen/Aroma therapy Delivery Unit
  • Sanitary Multi-Colored Nasal Cannulas (disposable and individually wrapped)
  • Choice from many natural herbal aromatherapy oils
  • Session timer (for use during sleep)
  • FREE Delivery

OPTIONAL: Oxygen Barista


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