O2 for vegas hotel rooms

Rent a mini oxygen bar for your hotel room

Portable oxygen bars for private use in hotel rooms are gaining popularity in Las Vegas. Concentrated oxygen delivery for use in the privacy of your hotel room or during sleep is easy to use, affordable and can aid in:

  • mental focus
  • a good night’s sleep
  • energy and endurance
  • lessening effects of hangovers
  • relieving symptoms of altitude sickness

With a quick phone call, we’ll deliver a Portable Oxygen Minibar to your hotel for FREE so you have more quality time to work, play and live it up in Las Vegas.

Mini oxygen bar rental for convention visitors

Las Vegas Tradeshow Exhibitors – Hustling from airport to Convention Center, spending long hours setting up your booth, and in constant conversation to convert clients. You’ve invested a lot to exhibit in Las Vegas – Now, invest in yourself. Portable oxygen for your hotel room helps you stay focused and positive each day and capture your highest sales potential.

Las Vegas Convention Attendees – You walk miles on the tradeshow floor, meeting new reps and soaking up new product details. Information overload combined with the sensory stimulation of Las Vegas nightlife = EXHAUSTION, HEADACHES, FATIGUE, and HANGOVERS! With daily and weekly rentals of Mini Mobile Oxygen Bar, you’ll be at your best to both work and play.

Mini oxygen bar rentals for vacationing las vegas visitors

Bachelor Party, girl’s weekend, reunion, family vacation, couple’s getaway – Don’t miss a minute of fun! Your very own private Mini oxygen bar in your hotel room keeps you in the game. Oxygen bars are the perfect answer if you are:

Jetlagged? Concentrated oxygen delivered at 5 Liters per minute gives you a breath of fresh air

Sleep Deprived? Get a leg up. Our oxygen units are super quiet so you can use them while you sleep

Fatigued? Take a break from the strip with your own private mini oxygen bar in your hotel room

Got a Hangover? Your body relies on oxygen to expel the toxic effects of alcohol so you can recover from Vegas nightlife and feel relief.

Mini oxygen bar service

Each portable oxygen bar serves two people simultaneously. The wheeled oxygen units are light weight and can easily be rolled from room to room. Best of all, we deliver and pick up FREE OF CHARGE to your Las Vegas hotel. Rental Includes:

  • Concentrated Oxygen Delivery Unit for two
  • Medical Grade concentrator delivers oxygen at 5 LPMs
  • Oxygen/Aroma therapy Delivery Unit
  • Sanitary multi-colored nasal cannulas hoses, disposable and individually wrapped
  • Choice of natural, herbal aromatherapy oils
  • Session timer (for use during sleep)
  • FREE Delivery

OPTIONAL: Oxygen Barista


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